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Call For Presenters

Ok. Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselors Association

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2019 Spring Conference Call for Presenters

Level Descriptions

Introductory — Provides a broad-based overview of a topic; assumes attendees have minimal knowledge of the subject matter; the content delivered is considered basic and of a non-technical nature for the layperson’s consumption.  (Equivalent to a Freshman-level baccalaureate class or 100-series level of instruction).

Intermediate — Assumes that the content delivered will address topics beyond the beginner level but does not focus on deeply advanced content or concepts; provides a moderate level of subject matter that adds to and enriches attendees’ understanding; (Equivalent to a sophomore- or junior-level baccalaureate class or 200- or 300-series level of instruction.)

Advanced — Provides an extraordinarily intense and advanced level of content that is beyond the intermediate level; subject matter is deeply in-depth and mature in course of progress or development. Knowledge of unconditional concepts is expected.   (Equivalent to a senior seminar or graduate-level series of instruction.)